A Veteran’s Wife Turned Away

This past June (2018) we had a widow of a Vietnam Veteran contact us concerning our Food-Bank. She had gone to the areas Food-Pantry to get help, she was turned away with no help. It turns out she has custody of her grandson and is raising him. Her total income is from social security which the amount she is getting falls into the amount Feeding America has set up in it’s chart as low income and eligible to receive help. After reviewing her paperwork our Food-Bank is seeing her and her grandson is receiving the needed help every month in keeping food on the table. This is just one story concerning a widow of a veteran how many more are there similar to this are there in our Country? Help us help more veterans and their families by making a donation to  Veterans Food-Bank of America https://veteransfoodbankofamerica.org/product/donation/

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