Veterans Food-Bank of America Goals

Purpose: To depict the images and memories of those who had to bear arms and face insurmountable odds in the line of military duty.

Outcome: Visitors to the Memorial might understand and appreciate what was involved when the veterans were called into active military service.

Goals for the Memorial
Gardens, Fountains and Buildings that will be recognized as a Veterans Memorial for All.

  • A memorial honoring those who served rather than just a normal war museum.
  • Able to reflect and honor all our veterans regardless of when or where they served in the armed services.
  • A peaceful place for veterans and their loved ones to visit.
  • Able to give a visual feel for all the historic time periods of military service.
  • The memorial and building design shall display all of the armed forces flags and unit banners inside and outside.
  • Provide a non-denominational chapel for those who wish to pay respect to veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Provide an enclosed exhibit building (Museum) that will sit next to the main complex for items our veterans are sending or have left behind. Because of the excitement for this project, the collection has already begun to grow in size and proportion.
  • Provide space to display items from all units and allow the veterans to gather to view, reflect and discuss their memories.
  • Provide a Hall of Honor to contain statues of service men and women in uniform ordered by the time period for which they served and provide an exhibit around our “Commander-in-Chief.”